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47 5th Avenue, Chula Vista, CA

Chula Vista Post 434/Service: Past, Present & Future

Post Everlasting

A Salute To Those Who Have Moved To Their Last Assignment Within The Boundaries Of Post Everlasting.

The Post extends our deepest sympathy to the families and friends.



Name Rank Branch War Era Passed
Robert Martinez   USMC Vietnam 29 July 2018
John Joseph "JJ" Cortez   USMC Desert Storm 28 July 2018
Conrad Kreizinger   USN Vietnam 04 June 2018
Dennis Kier   USN Vietnam 18 March 2018
Joseph Huff MCPO USN Korea 8 March 2013
Florencio "Pops" Parayno CPO USN Persian Gulf 7 March 2013
James Mason   USA Korea March 2013
Joseph Griffin PO USN Vietnam 23 February 2012
Roger Kelsoe PO USN Vietnam 7 February 2013
Joseph Kish   USN WWII February 2013
Nina Adrian   USAF Vietnam 21 December 2012
Gordon L. Franklin PO USN Korea 10 December 2012
Past Commander Glenn Holz SCPO USN Vietnam 3 December 2012



 - Former Post Commander


 The bugle call "Taps" had its origins on a battlefield of the Civil War.  After   the union suffered a large number of casualties in a battle near Richmond,   Virginia, Brigade Commander Colonel Daniel Butterfield reflected with   sadness  upon the men he had lost.  Unable to compose music, he hummed a   melody which his aid wrote down in musical notation.  The company bugler   played it that night to honor their dead comrades.  Taps was officially   recognized by the United States Army in 1874.  Accompanied by the   drumbeat, Muffled Ruffles, it is the highest honor given to those who have                                                    died in service to our country.


The Tie That Binds Us All Together is Service






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