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47 5th Avenue, Chula Vista, CA

Chula Vista Post 434/Service: Past, Present & Future


Some talk.  Some lead.  These men and women led.

The Post 434 Family Salutes Them!

* - Known to have transferred to Post Everlasting

If you have any updated information, please contact the Post Adjutant.

(Past Commander Project:  efforts will continue to make this list whole.  Our brothers and sisters and their families deserve for their stories to be told ---- Tony Stewart, Post Commander 2010-2014)

2017 James Robinson* U.S. Army    
2014-2017 Sherry Hill U.S. Navy    
2010-2014 Anthony "Tony" Stewart U. S. Navy 1987 - 2007  
2009-2010 Glenn Holz* U. S. Navy    
2006-2009 James "Jim" LaFarlette* U. S. Navy    
2004-2006 James "Bob" Lind U. S. Navy    
2003-2004 Tom Bohler      
2002-2003 Linda Sundberg U. S. Navy    
1997-2002 James "Bob" Lind      
1996-1997 Eugene Fought*      
1994-1996 Herbert R. James      
1993-1994 James A. Roberts      
1992-1993 Robert L. McCauley      
1989-1992 James A. Roberts      
1987-1989 Robert Walsh      
1984-1987 Robert L. McCauley      
1982-1984 Myron C. Jiricek* U. S. Navy    
1981-1982 Russell Bicknell      
1980-1981 George J. Kotsala      
1979-1980 Floro Anastasi      
1978-1979 Leo E. Dalton      
1977-1978 Gerry Neely      
1976-1977 Elmer Case      
1975-1976 George J. Kotsala      
1973-1975 George B. Gerdts      
1972-1973 Franklin C. Mathei      
1971-1972 Samuel M. Litteral      
1970-1971 Eddit A. Pablos      
1969-1970 D. E. Clakins      
1967-1969 Martin S. Anda      
1966-1967 Joseph H. Kellett      
1965-1966 Iona Hart      
1964-1965 Stanley Wolfe      
1963-1964 Robert J. Bantz      
1962-1963 Carl McInnes      
1961-1962 Robert J. Bantz      
1960-1961 Joe L. Guerena      
1959-1960 Jack E. Johnson      
1958-1959 Barbara J. Dunn      
1957-1958 Jack D. Roberts      
1956-1957 James R. Kimball      
1955-1956 William Rathmann      
1954-1955 Ear C. Hall      
1953-1954 Samuel Copeland, Jr.      
1952-1953 J. O. Burnett      
1951-1952 R. W. Krail      
1950-1951 J. C. Palmer      
1949-1950 W. K. Barker      
1948-1949 Frederick W. Settle      
1947-1948 D. E. Witte C. Higgs      
1946-1947 H. J. Erwin      
1945-1946 Clarence L. Close      
1944-1945 Lorenz C. Koester      
1943-1944 Hugh W. Smythe      
1942-1943 William H. Owens, Jr.      
1941-1942 Robert N. Guerin      
1940-1941 Matin W. Nuss      
1939-1940 J. Calvin Launderbach      
1938-1939 Jhon Barnhart      
1937-1938 Millard E. Barsch      
1935-1937 C. C. Osborn      
1934-1935 William N. Drew      
1933-1934 Albert A. Dugger      
1932-1933 B. H. Ross      
1931-1932 O. C. Ludwig      


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